About Us

Turkey is:

The largest textile producer in Europe
The third largest textile exporter of Europe (7,9 billion USD/2019)
The seventh largest apparel exporter in the world (17,2 billion USD/2019)
The fourth largest apparel supplier of Europe (13 billion USD/2019)
Within a few hours of flight distance from any European city.
An important cotton and synthetic fiber producer which gives producers the opportunity to vertically integrate
In line with global trends and latest innovations in the world of fashion.
Turkish textile sector has established itself as a cornerstone of Turkey's success story in industrial development and exports. Turkish Fashion Fabrics have been a critical source for major international labels, ranging from the high-end to countless popular fashion houses as well as design studios and fashion schools around the world. Take a closer look at what your favorite celebrities are wearing these days! You will agree that the fabrics used in the clothes they wear are dashing and in vogue, and they are most likely to be Turkish Fashion Fabrics.

Trendy clothes made with Turkish Fashion Fabrics are worn and appreciated by all. Surely there is a Turkish Fashion Fabric on display at your favorite apparel store at your favorite mall in town.

Today, Turkey is one of the few countries that come to mind when high quality fabrics are mentioned. The Turkish Fashion Fabrics™ provides top quality in all respects, from production to promotion; from quality standards to marketing. This success has been achieved by focusing on value added products that highlights design and brand quality as part of Turkey's export boosting strategy. The success is a result of the hard work of SME's as well as large, modern and vertically integrated companies which are capable of producing and exporting their own unique collections.

Turkish Fashion Fabrics are extensively used for supplying the middle and high segment needs of both the fashion sector and the apparel industry worldwide. In this context, Turkish Fashion Fabrics are being exported to more than 180 countries and trade zones including the US, Russia, Italy, Germany, the UK, Poland, Iran, Bulgaria, Spain, Egypt, France, Tunisia, Ukraine, Morocco, Greece, the Netherlands, China, and Belgium. It has become obvious that expectations and perceptions within the textiles sector are being re-shaped in new emerging economies such as Turkey.

Turkish Textile Sector
  • Strong communication
  • Flexibility in production volumes
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • Fast delivery, punctuality, conformity to agreements
  • Easy and clear export/import formalities (No customs duties between EU countries and Turkey)
  • Maintenance of intellectual property rights
  • Latest production techniques